Chasing Bedlam by Charles Yallowitz – New Release.

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Return to the Shattered States
for a tale of love between a woman & her jeep!

Cover Art by Jon Hunsinger Cover Art by Jon Hunsinger

Lloyd and Cassidy’s last adventure was to honor a life. This time they are out to end one.

It was a normal, violent mission to Texas that should have had nothing more than beer-induced hiccups. That is until an old enemy makes off with Cassidy’s jeep and most of their gear. Needless to say, she’s pissed off and challenging Lloyd for the psychopath of the month award. With the mouthy serial killer by her side, she is going on the warpath from Dallas to Miami even if it means declaring war on the drug cartels.

So strap in for another wild ride through the Shattered States and learn why you never mess with Cassidy’s jeep.

Available on Amazon for 99 cents!

Want a taste?

“So your boss thought she could…

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Welcome to Tia Shurina!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

eaaheToday it’s my pleasure and privilege to host author, and RRBC Member, Tia Shurina! Without further ado – over to you Tia… 😀

Thank you Jan for your generosity of spirit…& space!  And my thanks to the team at the Rave Reviews Book Club who coordinated this tour for me.  Funny, I didn’t even know what a blog was when I began the journey to birth a book. And now, how beautiful to be participating in one.

I’ve had such serendipitous surprises as I have stayed committed to going with the flow… kicking & screaming a bit as I flowed along that path to becoming a published author.  This book club is one of them.  Given some of the sensitivities surrounding the spectacular-ness of my ordinary story, I was very afraid of the publicity I knew would eventually be needed to sell it…just like any author needs.  Nobody can buy a…

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Writing and Music

Today is a day set aside to stop all self-promotion and give the spotlight to another author. I choose to support Author, John Howell.

He is the author of the John Cannon thriller trilogy, My GRL, His Revenge and Our Justice.


his-revenge-resized        51bypm1jgll-_uy250_

John Cannon is an attorney who takes a leave of absence from the firm to simply buy a boat and relax on the water. Little did he know he’d find himself in the thick of a terrorist plot. These books are hard to put down once you start reading one and have garnered many 5 star reviews on Amazon.

I invite you to take a look at these stories. You won’t be disappointed!

Author John Howell is a member of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, which is where I made his acquaintance. He is supportive of other authors and always keeps…

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Pregnant Future
(No One Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring)

A True Life Memoir

Book Blurb:

Justina was a fighter. And, although it seemed the world was against her and her future was destined for failure…she persevered in the face of it all.

The future that was being thrown in her face, was not the one she had dreams of…and if she wanted to get her feet on the right path,

She was going to have to show the world her strength. But, does she?

Will she have the will to make it to the end, unscarred?

What would you do if you knew what the future had in store for you ?

Would you run towards it with open arms, or would you run away and never look back ?

Justina must make a choice .. .before life chooses for her

Justina is every young woman who found herself alone…

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