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Please visit Marlena at her beautiful blog listed below.  Here is a little about her in her own words!

First and foremost, you should know that I am a Christian and a wife. I’ve been a Christian my entire life and was fortunate enough to have a preacher as a father, which helped to shape me into who I am today. (Hopefully that’s a good thing!) As for being a wife……we just passed our 2nd anniversary (April) and the journey we’ve been on has been such a blessing. I wouldn’t change a single thing!

As you’ll see in this blog, I am a writer at heart, a reader of words, a student of life, a believer of the impossible, and a dreamer with hope. I believe in making the most of every day. I believe that purpose and reason is behind every good and bad thing that happens to us…

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Hello readers – today onTHE GUNDERSTONE REVIEW, as well as on ALL of my social media sites, I am going to spotlight, promote, and propel one of my fellow authors from my online book club – #RaveReviews BookClub ( #RRBC )

The “BETHANY TURNER “PAY IT FORWARD” WEEK”effort is the brain child of member Bethany Turner to which I have volunteered – three days in total this week for three different authors.

If you are an author and want this kind of support, you can get in on “that action” via membership to the #RaveReviews BookClub.

Today I am spotlighting Beth Hale; In her own words:

Beth Hale writes about what she knows: strong, Southern women and the men who love them. She twines believable characters, realistic circumstances, and heart-felt emotions together to create sassy, sexy contemporary romances. She draws inspiration from the every day life problems we…

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Please Welcome Author, Carl Stevens

Rhani DChae

This week, I get to participate in the Rave Reviews Book Club’s “Bethany Turner Pay it forward” week. I like doing this because it lets me introduce you to wonderful authors that you might not otherwise meet.

Today I am hosting Carl Stevens, the author of Time Traveler’s Fool,They Call Me Merlin Sherlock, and other books. I hope that you will find him as interesting as I do.

* * *

Stevens’ fictive world is vibrant and lived-in, with a fully realized 
culture and a quasi-Shakespearean diction that’s vigorous and musical without  being fusty or quaint. His characters don’t mope and mourn in the ruins, but look to them for inspiration—and swag—while they seek to build their world anew.  An engrossing yarn that embeds an off-kilter perspective on history in rich language and storytelling.” Read the entire Kirkus review and travel back in time to when CTIN was first…

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Writing Reviews

I so agree.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

I love reading everyone else’s work. Book reviews are so important for writers. We crave them. At least I do. So I always try to review everything I read.

I have two ways that I handle reviews. There’s the good old fashioned yes or no. Did you like it? Was it a good book? Would recommend it? Yes or no. This is easier because most books are at least worth the read. Even if I hate the story, I can almost always find something worth while in it. That’s me.

Then there’s the goodreads/amazon 5 star hoo ha. It might seem super critical, but I don’t start a book thinking Oo, I’m gonna give it five stars.

One star means I hated it, I want my time and money back. It has to be so bad that I kind of loath myself for even reading it. I don’t give these…

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