Romance, Horses, and Wishes Fulfilled with Jayne Nichols #RRBC Author

Hey, blogging buddies and readers. I have a brand new author to introduce to you today. Jayne Nichols is a sister Rave Reviews Book Club author who I am delighted to host. We met as newbies to RRBC when we did a Blog Talk Radio show together. Since then, I have come to recognize what […]


Introducing Natalie Ducey

today it is my great pleasure to introduce author and poet Natalie Ducey. she is the author of a Hearts Journey Home. revies Nichole Osmond gave it five stars! this a beautiful collection of poems that will take you on a journey? Natalie despite a disabling car accident went to university and got her […]


It’s “PAY IT FORWARD” Week at #RRBC and today I celebrate the multi-talented Lincoln Cole!

Rave Reviews Book Club’s goal is to Profile, Promote and Propel its member-authors via as many viable vehicles as possible. As a proud member of the club, I’m delighted to participate in our “PAY IT FORWARD” Week and celebrate the multi-talented Lincoln Cole! Lincoln is an author, developer, creator, and publisher! Lincoln Cole was born […]


“PAY IT FORWARD” WEEK – Today’s RRBC Author – Rebecca Lombardo

“PAY IT FORWARD” WEEK Today’s RRBC Author – Rebecca Lombardo Hello readers – today on THE GUNDERSTONE REVIEW, as well as on ALL of my social media sites, I am going to spotlight, promote, and propel one of my fellow authors from my online book club – #RaveReviews BookClub ( #RRBC ) I have volunteered […]


rrbc pif

she dies at the end book one I’ll see what winters snow snow winter books is by a M money and it’s about vampires and fairies and a girl who can see the future and the past wound up in a game that she doesn’t want to be in intrigue family feuds sex and violence it’s sounds really up my street and if you want to fantasyy trying to see be warned there is violence and sexual scenes in this book is not for children or adults that goodness a M money has written a really good book here and I look forward to reading it and many more of the books that she has written but you know my but those of another blog thanks money good luck

by a m manay

wo a A chemist a singlet a yoga and a writer all and adopting children wow is it if you can’t do if I didn’t know nanny Jules was wonder woman and Nonnie Jules I’d see you wonder woman amazing I’m jealous I can’t sing for toffee good luck with your print books I read them soon I’ll be on our RBCs catalogue


Welcome to my blog…

Hello, bloggers!! I am very pleased to welcome “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Janelle Jalbert, to my blog today. Janelle is such a supportive member of Rave Reviews Book Club, including being active on our Tweet Support Team. We’re lucky to have members like her!!     Blog Topic: Writing Process Summoning the Magician Typically, discussions of a writer’s process revolve […]


Introducing Robin Chambers The Next C S Lewis?

introducing Robin Chambers, the next CS Lewis? Robin Chambers who was born in Liverpool England and who urned a degree in english lit from London University had wanted to write like JRR Tolkine or CS Lewis all his life but although he did publish three books the demands of teaching and family life meant that […]