Keep apart or string together.

Black dragon is therd in my short storey colection. i have writen several stories that could be strung together to make a larger peas?
also when do you stop writing a short storey?
some of the people who have been kind enough to leve me reviews have sugested that some of short stories could be made into longer stories?
what do you think?


Short stories and poetry?

i wrote coolection inspired by H P Lovecraft. AlWether i sucseeded you tell me?
because of this i put in poetry. i got mixed reviewes. some said that they loved them. others said that they felt that the short stories and poems should be in seperet books.
what do you think?


“Amazing Matilda (Children’s Literature): The Tale of A Monarch Butterfly” by Bette A. Stevens

Best picture book i have read sins a hungry cater piker.
Give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Wunderfuley informative buterfly children’s pik tire book.
Loved the ryming.
I am blind so cannot coment on the pictures but if they are as good as the text they must be prity.
Would recomend this book to anyone.

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Word count.

did a word count on the work i have dun tattood dragon so far.


pleas exserpt below.
One of them was despite the heat cloaked and huded in a red cloak pattend with a silver spiders web. under the squt ones cloak baldged a huge hump.-#amwriting, #word, #count, #wordcount, #books,

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Tattoos dragon.

started my new book. for now calling it Tattood Dragon. working tightel.

Was going to make it a full on erotica but will probley going to tame it down. I often feal that nowmater how good the sex is handaled it gets in the way of the storey. Althou at the mowment i feal that sex is a croocial part of the dark rituales that are part of the magic used by the suposed pirets. so we have to see?
what are your thoughts?

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