Paying It Forward for fellow indie author, Marlena Hand

J.B. Hawker, author

While some of my fellow authors appeal to a vastly different group of readers than I do, Marlena Hand is tending a more similar vineyard. As she says on her website,I am a writer at heart, a reader of words, a student of life, a believer of the impossible, and a dreamer with hope. I believe in making the most of every day. I believe that purpose and reason is behind every good and bad thing that happens to us. I believe that dreams are essential to a happy and full life and, more importantly, you should never stop chasing those dreams.”

A fellow Christian, Marlena lives her faith by her generous support of other authors through reviews, promotions and interviews on her bsouplog. A member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, Marlena is a contributor to the popular anthology, “Rave Soup for the Writer’s Soul.

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Good afternoon – today onTHE GUNDERSTONE REVIEW, as well as on ALL of my social media sites, I am going to spotlight, promote, and propel one of my fellow authors from my online book club – #RaveReviews BookClub ( #RRBC )

The “BETHANY TURNER “PAY IT FORWARD” WEEK”effort is the brain child of member Bethany Turner to which I have volunteered – three days in total this week for three different authors.

If you are an author and want this kind of support, you can get in on “that action” via membership to the #RaveReviews BookClub.

Today I am spotlighting, as it would just so happen, Bethany Turner herself!

In her own words:

Bethany Turner is the author of the Abigail Phelps Series of books:
I’ve Loved These Days,Scenes From Highland Falls, and Two Thousand Years.
You can follow her journey on her…

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