Using the Radio to Sell Books

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Shelley Wilson Author


There are a multitude of platforms available for an author to push their products, meet like-minded folks and share the joys (and woes) of writing. I, for one, love using Facebook and Twitter. My blog is another platform that opened up an online community that I happily call my extended family.

My three kids, on the other hand, prefer YouTube, Instagram and the latest hot message service to hit the school yard, such as snap chat. They follow Vloggers and tune in religiously to see what Zoella and Alfie have been up to this week. It’s another world!

We tend to, and by ‘we’ I mean me, stick to what we know. I avoid Linked In like the plague as this always seemed far too mature for me (and I’m 43!). But I do adore Pinterest, with its visual and creative vibe.

Last week, I was introduced to another platform…

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Welcome to the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour!


Please stay tuned over at 4WillsPublishing Author Services they are organizing, promoting, and servicing my three week blog tour for all my published work and a couple of efforts that are still unreleased.

This week is the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour and we are on day three today over atBeth Hale’s blog.

Today ALSO marks the kick off of the Kindle Countdown Deal for “Another Sunset” – for the next seven days, until Monday evening August 3rd, you can get it for just $0.99. (After the deal ends it goes back up to the incredibly expensive regular price of $2.99).

So don’t wait! Now is your chance to get “Another Sunset” on sale.

Please be sure to stop by the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour, visit all the guest sites that are hosting me, and read all about what I have going on.

Thank you so much for…

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Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Book 2 of my Embracing Entropy Series is drafted. She’s still untitled, rough, and not fully typed up. I longhand everything so now the paranoia that my manuscript will get destroyed before I can finish typing it out is starting to take over, but that should be dealt with by the end of the week. (Hopefully; I type pretty fast)

Yesterday my husband rested his coffee on it and I nearly died. Today he set it next to it just to mess with me and had to be dealt with. haha

There are no words to describe the relief, euphoria, and sheer terror of finishing a book. I’m relieved to have gotten the story where it needs to be for the third and last book in this series. Hitting the benchmarks I set for myself with my publisher is the height of why I love what I do.

But now…

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Meet Indie Author Jason Zandri

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The Indie Spot!

Greetings, dear readers. It is my pleasure to once again take part in a 4 Wills Blog Tour. This time around, my special guest is none other than indie author Jason Zandri. Please give Jason a warm welcome.

Take it away, Jason…

One of my favorite things when talking about “Another Sunset” is telling people the story about how I wrote it in six weeks over the summer of 2014. 99,000 plus words and 350 plus pages – six weeks.

Of course, editing it came afterwards and took nearly the same amount of time, but that main draft of the book really did happen from the last week of July to the first week of September.

The whole story really starts thirty some odd years ago in high school. I loved my Creative Writing class but I hated many of the writing assignments. Some were forced topics and I didn’t…

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The Bow of Destiny: Official Cover Reveal

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Archer's Aim

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Today is a wonderful milestone day for The Bow of Destiny. This epic fantasy series was in my creative thoughts as long ago as my early college days in the mid-80’s. I wrote the original manuscript in the ‘90’s and was offered a contract by a small press at the time. The contract was not right for me so I passed and, since it was a time of change and grief for my wife when her mother died, I laid the manuscript aside for several years.

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I kept coming back to the work intending to re-write it and get it published but the project never bore much fruit. About four years ago, I began to take writing seriously again when I found that I had a number of ideas for books and stories lurking in my mind. Since…

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