Super fore the soul.

i loved this book. the poetry was grate. sorry my poetry was not as good as the rest of you. do not know what went wrong. trided my best. loved the fantasy. although i would have liked to have had more to read more about the dragons.moniey jules peace was intimadating and inspiring. but i think that my faveret was jan hawks a day in the life of a writer. so trew and funy.
can i have a nited chanemail best
these stories realy do warm the soul.

i give it five stars


Paranormal Fantasy Author A. M. Manay Offers Her Take On Vampires

Hello, dear readers! It is my pleasure to introduce to you indie author A. M. Manay. She writes vampire novels meant to be the anti-Twilight stories. So have a read and discover the new voice of the vampires! Take it away, Ms. Manay…   In the world of vampire fiction, there are several names that […]


Review Of Rave Supe For The Soul Anphology Second Adition

this anphology is a great collection of storries and poetry is assembled from members of the Rave Reviews Books Club. i enjoyed every storry and poem in the collection and give this book five stars.


Jazz Baby – a guest post from RRBC author Beem Weeks!

As most of you know, I am an avid lover of history. What fascinates me most is how human nature has stayed the same, in all its glory and ugliness, throughout the ages. That’s why I can write (what I hope is) convincing stories set in the far ancient world, where people live in times […]


Review Of The Playground

I really enjoyed the Playground by CS Boyack! i found the Host a pleasent suprise! however i could only give it three stars because i could guess the end!


Connecting With Readers by #RRBC “Spotlight” Author, Beem Weeks.

I am thrilled to welcome Beem Weeks, Rave Reviews Book Club “Spotlight” Author, on the second stop of his blog tour.  Beem is RRBC’s REVIEWS CO-ORDINATOR, RAVE WAVES ASST. PRODUCER, and “BEYOND THE COVER” Show Host. He is an amazing, supportive member of RRBC and generously promotes fellow authors. I consider it an honour to shine the spotlight on him today. With much joy, […]