“The Grey Eyed Storm: The Occuli, Book One (The Occuli Book Series 1)” by Christie M. Stenzel


Wo what a rowlercowester of a read.
I give this book 🍋9 out of 10 stars.once the strangeness starts you cannot put the book down. The charioteers are wunderful. I think my faveret was ruby.

I am not shore how I feal about the end.
Would recomend this to any one.

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“My GRL” by John W. Howell


I give this #book, 4 out of 5 stars.the tent ion kept you on the edge of your sweet. What the #bad, #hats, wanted to do woith johns bout I found believable. What I found convenient was that John seemed to have a knolige of handcuffs and how to pick them then he should have. Also his helper was far too convene isn’t. Good book would #recomend, it to any one. Looking forward to the next one.


“The Crystal Key” by T. L. Howard


I give this book 5 out 5 stars.
A wunderful fantasy. With believable charicters.

Frustrated by the fact that nothing is being by his supeaires to captor the rain again dark precast Rasmon the cap ten is sent on a important motion to fetch a shop keeper?
Matter is infuriated by the cap ten ordering her about. She no Oder the riel she and the famerly pendent have to play in the fate of all the world.

I would recomend this book to ain’t one.

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“Letting Go into Perfect Love: Discovering the Extraordinary after Abuse” by Gwendolyn M Plano


I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

I cannot afford to do this with every book but I am realy glad that I listened to a audio vertions of this book. It was read by the author. I felt more like she had sat me down and told me her story.

What a story. Not onley she keeping down a job. Raising 3 kids. Living in a abusive marriage. And if all that was not enough nightmaires of a pairent her daughter reveals she has been sexually abused.

This is a no holes bard heart on the Alec acount of how this amazing woman and her amazing kids deal with some of the grait eat triels of life.

I loved this book. I would recomend this book to anyone over 18.

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I give this book 4 out 5 stars.
I have to confess that I put of reading this book because I thought it would be boring. Boy was I wrong. This book is not onley entertains but is ful of useful advice on how to raise daughters. I would recommend this book to ain’t one but espeshaly mothers to be.

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“Raven’s Peak (World on Fire Book 1)” by Lincoln Cole


I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

In some ways I feal that the bit at the begging with Arther was the best part of the book.
There are mainly questions raised that to hope will be answers in the other books.

I liked Gaby a lot. The children possessed was very disterbing. Although I thought the charictor that developed the mowst throughly the book was Frankin.

Who is the shadow strainger and what was it that they took?

I realy liked this book and am all ready reading the second one Ravens fall.
I would recommend this book to any one over 18.

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