BETHANY TURNER “PAY IT FORWARD” WEEK – Today’s RRBC Author – Denise Liebig



Good afternoon – today onTHE GUNDERSTONE REVIEW, as well as on ALL of my social media sites, I am going to spotlight, promote, and propel one of my fellow authors from my online book club – #RaveReviews BookClub ( #RRBC )

The “BETHANY TURNER “PAY IT FORWARD” WEEK”effort is the brain child of member Bethany Turner to which I have volunteered – three days in total this week for three different authors.

If you are an author and want this kind of support, you can get in on “that action” via membership to the #RaveReviews BookClub.

Today I am spotlighting Denise Liebig, author of Dear Maude (The Dear Maude Trilogy Book 1)

In her own words:

“I’m Denise Liebig, a writer and long-time Las Vegas area resident.  When I’m not busy living my life as a wife and mother of three kids, I write.  And when I’m not…

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