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… OK – so I’d caught the ‘parsimonious’ Cornish ways where this blog was concerned, but with my first ever bona fide author interview under my belt courtesy of RRBC’s new media focus RAVE WAVES on BlogTalkRadio yesterday I gave myself a good talking to this afternoon and went and splashed out on upgrading the old WordPress account! 😮

Soooo… we have some minor tweaks as far as fonts and colour-ways go, but the main thing is that I can now offer proper audio and video capability instead of doing a YouTube link cop out! 😛 The interview link in the post below this is now all ship-shape and I’ve just uploaded the Milele Safari slideshow file so, for the first time I can offer you a proper embedded vid on here! 😀

Today I’ve also been battling the printer with a hard reference copy of a new title that…

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