Writing Reviews

I so agree.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

I love reading everyone else’s work. Book reviews are so important for writers. We crave them. At least I do. So I always try to review everything I read.

I have two ways that I handle reviews. There’s the good old fashioned yes or no. Did you like it? Was it a good book? Would recommend it? Yes or no. This is easier because most books are at least worth the read. Even if I hate the story, I can almost always find something worth while in it. That’s me.

Then there’s the goodreads/amazon 5 star hoo ha. It might seem super critical, but I don’t start a book thinking Oo, I’m gonna give it five stars.

One star means I hated it, I want my time and money back. It has to be so bad that I kind of loath myself for even reading it. I don’t give these…

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