inbrase. but. the pationnet imbrace of death. their hands locked around each others throuts.
this is cunsterabal tanyer dream i am at the midsummer hotel the hunymoon sweet. there are two bodies. they appear to have stramgaled. each over. please send the meat wagem and all the rest of it please thank you.
her tone was prowfetional as she spoke to her colleague over her radio. but as soon as she dropped the radio her face dropped with a look of deep greef crossed her face.
she reached for her mowbile.
lord owberron tis is tertanyer we have lost another twortals to the nightmaires. i do not caire what your advicers say we are loos birthday duck.
the dream wars.
tanyer looked down at the two lovers in the hotel beadhey were locked together in a tight inbrace.
not a lovers inbrac.


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