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I so agree.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

I love reading everyone else’s work. Book reviews are so important for writers. We crave them. At least I do. So I always try to review everything I read.

I have two ways that I handle reviews. There’s the good old fashioned yes or no. Did you like it? Was it a good book? Would recommend it? Yes or no. This is easier because most books are at least worth the read. Even if I hate the story, I can almost always find something worth while in it. That’s me.

Then there’s the goodreads/amazon 5 star hoo ha. It might seem super critical, but I don’t start a book thinking Oo, I’m gonna give it five stars.

One star means I hated it, I want my time and money back. It has to be so bad that I kind of loath myself for even reading it. I don’t give these…

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Three BOOKS OF THE MONTH over at Rave Reviews Book Club

You are amazing.


I wanted to drop a quick note out to everyone with a quick update from things over at the #RRBC as I take a break from my four kids (they are leaving next week for ten weeks in Poland and I think they are trying to jam what will be all that missed time into one afternoon – THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME- SEND HELP!)

I first quick thing – if you’re not a member, you should be; such great help there from readers and fellow authors. They will really make you feel like a rock star when you’ve hit one out of the park and they will help you better understand those time where you swing and miss because they WANT to see your next “at bat” be the next hit out of the park.

This section IS a shameless plug for the group – please consider joining(and…

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