Keep apart or string together.

Black dragon is therd in my short storey colection. i have writen several stories that could be strung together to make a larger peas?
also when do you stop writing a short storey?
some of the people who have been kind enough to leve me reviews have sugested that some of short stories could be made into longer stories?
what do you think?


Free Book

my book dragon fireside tales will be free on amazon from 26/08/2016/30/08/216 please consider picking up a coppy and if you liked or not maybe a reveiw telling me what you thought?


rrbc pif

she dies at the end book one I’ll see what winters snow snow winter books is by a M money and it’s about vampires and fairies and a girl who can see the future and the past wound up in a game that she doesn’t want to be in intrigue family feuds sex and violence it’s sounds really up my street and if you want to fantasyy trying to see be warned there is violence and sexual scenes in this book is not for children or adults that goodness a M money has written a really good book here and I look forward to reading it and many more of the books that she has written but you know my but those of another blog thanks money good luck

by a m manay

wo a A chemist a singlet a yoga and a writer all and adopting children wow is it if you can’t do if I didn’t know nanny Jules was wonder woman and Nonnie Jules I’d see you wonder woman amazing I’m jealous I can’t sing for toffee good luck with your print books I read them soon I’ll be on our RBCs catalogue


Welcome to my blog…

Hello, bloggers!! Thank you for joining me today, as I welcome fellow author and RRBC Member, D.M. Cain. D.M. is on an exciting blog tour with 4WillsPublishing and I am thrilled to have her join us! So please sit back and enjoy this little tease… Biography: D.M. Cain is a dystopian and fantasy author working […]


Who is your favorite Magick-Weilding Character of all time?!

From expelliarmus-weilding wizards like Harry Potter  to incredible mind-reading vampires like Akasha and Marius—there are A LOT of fictional characters and creatures who are magickal in one way or another. Who is your favorite? And better yet, who would you pick to save you from a pack of hungry, rabid wolves or some other sort […]