a prompt

sorry been very bisy.
pease within.
copywrite adam boustead 27/06/2015.
ben crowched over lolance holding his bleading body to hiss chdst.
howw had this happond.
how would hert such a kinde, compationet man.
who had nether dun nothing but dedicate his life to healing.
who had stabbed him?
then a tairerbbal owkerd to him.
could he have dun this?
quin and his clan had tort ben how to controwel his otherselfs raiges. threw meditation and mind magic he had lernt to comunicat with his werewoman alterego and had maniged mowst of the time to reestrane her from her atacks on a world she little understud. but perhaps she had run rampage without him knowing.
no that could not be. he would not always reemmember what had happond but he always knew that he had changed.
not that rdaly


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