Using the Radio to Sell Books

Just another way our PC promote their people if you did decide to join here please tell him I sent you and I hope I hope she doesn’t think I’m cheating by replugging this thank you good luck I meant #rrbc

Shelley Wilson Author


There are a multitude of platforms available for an author to push their products, meet like-minded folks and share the joys (and woes) of writing. I, for one, love using Facebook and Twitter. My blog is another platform that opened up an online community that I happily call my extended family.

My three kids, on the other hand, prefer YouTube, Instagram and the latest hot message service to hit the school yard, such as snap chat. They follow Vloggers and tune in religiously to see what Zoella and Alfie have been up to this week. It’s another world!

We tend to, and by ‘we’ I mean me, stick to what we know. I avoid Linked In like the plague as this always seemed far too mature for me (and I’m 43!). But I do adore Pinterest, with its visual and creative vibe.

Last week, I was introduced to another platform…

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