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Jessica Marie Baumgartner

There was time when I thought writing a novel would be impossible for me. It seemed beyond my abilities. Once you write enough short stories you learn that each chapter of a novel or novella is basically a story in itself that is part of a larger arc.

We constantly hear editors and publishers talk about plot points, but instead of being so dull and dry, I skip worrying over “plot points” and focus on driving the story forward with each chapter. It’s the same damn thing, but sounds less intimidating. Just make things happen as you keep writing.

My first novel sucked, I had to junk it. It hurt, kind of still does, but I’ve gotten better. Once I wrote By the Stars, I knew that there would be more to the story but I grew a bit worried over writing a series. A lot of authors do…

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Discover The Talents Of Indie Author Shelley Wilson

The Indie Spot!

Another episode of RRBC’s Beyond The Cover has been archived. If you missed the live broadcast on 7/11/15, you can tune in at any time and listen to the talented indie author Shelley Wilson as she speaks about her book, Guardians of the Dead, writing, and life in general. Don’t forget to consult the RRBC Rave Waves Blog Talk Radio 2015 broadcasting schedule for program dates and times.

Meet Shelley Wilson

Shelley Wilson


Shelley Wilson’s love of fantasy began at the tender age of eight when she followed Enid Blyton up a Magical Faraway Tree.

Inspired by Blyton’s make believe world, Shelley began to create her stories, weaving tales around faeries, witches and dragons.

Writing has always been Shelley’s first love, but she has also enjoyed a variety of job roles along the way; from waitressing to sales and marketing and even working as a turkey plucker.

Shelley lives in…

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Guest Post: RRBC “Spotlight Author” SARA HATHAWAY on Day After Disaster

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Cassidy's Bookshelves

Today I am honored to have Sara Hathaway, author of The Day After Disasterand fellow RRBC member, as a guest on my blog. Sara is here to tell us a bit about the philosphy behind her book.


Day After Disaster Philosophy
One day, as a teenager, I was hanging out at the Middle Fork of the American River. I asked my girlfriends that I was with, what would happen if we lost all power tomorrow? I was absolutely horrified when they replied, “we wouldn’t have our curling irons or blow dryers.”

I have never been your typical “girl”. I just wasn’t raised that way. My mother was the middle child in a group of five girls and quickly became my grandfather’s masculine counterpart. She helped him with all the chores a boy would have and eventually became a very skilled upholsterer, working with her hands. She was as big…

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Standard a prompt

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ben crowched over lolance holding his bleading body to hiss chdst.
howw had this happond.
how would hert such a kinde, compationet man.
who had nether dun nothing but dedicate his life to healing.
who had stabbed him?
then a tairerbbal owkerd to him.
could he have dun this?
quin and his clan had tort ben how to controwel his otherselfs raiges. threw meditation and mind magic he had lernt to comunicat with his werewoman alterego and had maniged mowst of the time to reestrane her from her atacks on a world she little understud. but perhaps she had run rampage without him knowing.
no that could not be. he would not always reemmember what had happond but he always knew that he had changed.
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