Summer blogging challenge; Day 30

Teddy's New Bear


Today’s prompt is green.

I’ve been dreading this.

I’ve always seen green as the colour of jealousy (and sick but mainly jealousy -or envy? My English teacher said they’re two different things but I couldn’t tell you the difference). Being green is usually to do with being Earth-friendly -though I’m not sure that’s actually a term.

Green, according to my research, is associated with things like life harmony and safety but is also a colour with negative associations like greed and, as I mentioned, jealousy.

Apparently, the colour green can affect is physically. I remember going to school one day -must have been after a holiday of some sort- to find the front wall of every class had been painted green to calm the students. This website says that the colour green can alleviate anxiety, depression and nervousness. It’s crazy to think that a colour, something we don’t really…

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