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The Long and Short Stories of Life my

dystopian So… I almost didn’t agree to be a part of Rave Reviews Book Club’s  “Back to School Book & Blog Block Party”, but after more than a year of membership, I have created friendships, made connections, and received unmerited support from RRBC’s many members. Being in the room with such talent has inspired me to write again. Finally, tweeting and reviewing other talented writers is not enough! I want my chance to be vetted and reviewed before the membership. The chance to be read, lauded, and promoted is too good to resist.

During the B2S Book & Blog Block Party, I’ll be featuring a book that’s been with me for almost a year now. I’ve outlined, studied the characters, and internalized their habits and backgrounds. I hadn’t fully fleshed out the characters in terms of their appearances and features until a couple of months ago, and I would’ve still been…

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