Guest Post: RRBC “Spotlight Author” LARRY HYATT on Creating Funny

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Today I am happy to host Larry Hyatt, author of  How to Reach for the American Dream… (And Not Get it!) and fellow RRBC member, as a guest on my blog. Larry is here to share his ideas on creating comedy.


My writing is usually for the spoken word but I use my blog for observations, one liners, fake news, and outright lies. Satire we’ll call it. Here are some things I do. I didn’t think these up. If you’re looking to add some funny of your own, here are 5 comedy exercises you can do.

  1. Faux-obituaries
    This is a fake death notice, eulogy, honorary speech at a function, etc. They can be famous people in their own world or famous in yours. They can be just your average person. You have complete control over someone’s life and death and they’re not there to correct you.
  2. Take the news stories…

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