Subnormal book review.

This is book 1 of the subnormal triage by Stewert Kenyen.
This is one of the mowst dfrighterning books since 1984.
The new guverment pas new ruels that the elderly and disabled must work.  Brothers Paul and Tomy find themselves in a work camp being greeted we’re then crime ranks.
Paul how has aspergies cannot understand why everyone is so excepting of such I’ll greet ment.  Even they are punished by being segregated and cannot shower do they complained atfirst.  But then they start revealing why?

Could we all being fead mind controlling drugs?

If so what can the sub normals do about it?
As a blind person I found the possibility of this book very freighting.  The charicters were very well writen.  It’s insights into aspergies was very in lightening.  Some of the profits go to a school helping with this conditions.
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Would recommend it to anyone over 18.

Grate work cannot wate to read the next one.


With Angels wings book review.

I give this book 4 stars.
This storie based on Trewth is amazing.

The heerowens and Hun all deserv meddles.

This broken heart on their sleeves acount is a must read.

Literally has to not onley deal with two disabled children but deal with a husband that nether no not Cairo about these preshus ones.

And then ther is Daniel how does Claire and is perfect for Lorre and the girls except their famerly do not approve of their relationship because they are step sober lungs.

Did not it to stop would recommend to ain’t one.


Book review Jen.

i give jem by mishel abert 5 stars.

well what do i say about this one?
i do not often read romance but i wun this.
i do not say this because i want to meen it when i say it.

i could not put it down.

think it took me 2 days.

the charictors were so belieable.
dispite apeariances jem is not the vylent man his angel thinks he is.
will she remember him and lern he is just a big sensterve sweety who has had been hert too much.


Sexy review.

i av bourt read nd m no reviewing Interloos by harmony kent. it 5 stars.

this was the first colection of erotick fiction i have ever read and i loved it

my onley complaint would being the storries were not long enough.
there several stories where you wanted to know what happond later.

loved the vonrabilty of the deth man.

whant know more about the dragons.

loved night nurse i belive like i suspect you do that we should love oneanother for what we are on the inside not for what we look like. i think that is what this love story dose.

i loved them ll but i what else happond in the brotherinlaw storey?
and knowing just a little about the author i want if any of that story is story and how much is not?

love this book would recomend it to anyone over 18.


Awakening of magic review.

i give this book5 stars.

this a wunderful first fantasy novel by christian boustead.
considering this author is blind his discriptions are vivid.
the charicters are well writen.

rose is dumpted into the world of magic and fey. a world she has been tort to fear. werce she casting magic and turning into some monster.
can her new friends protect rose her sister and their worlds against the forces gavering to distruy them?

loved this book cannot wait for the next one.

give it 5 stars.


Super fore the soul.

i loved this book. the poetry was grate. sorry my poetry was not as good as the rest of you. do not know what went wrong. trided my best. loved the fantasy. although i would have liked to have had more to read more about the dragons.moniey jules peace was intimadating and inspiring. but i think that my faveret was jan hawks a day in the life of a writer. so trew and funy.
can i have a nited chanemail best
these stories realy do warm the soul.

i give it five stars


Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

I’m at a 5k race, supporting a friend.  I see a shirtless dude trailing in the back, out of shape and in over his head.  Thinking quickly, I toss him my eReader, open to Echo.  A blinding flash as he’s infused with the ideas of quantum tech, Zen themes, and cyber ninjas.  When I can […]