Free booters review.

give this book 5 stars.

wow where to start?
talk about whereing your sleeve.
thank you for shairing so much.
i do not kmot think i could not be so open.

i am sory to here about the pains of head and heart.
espeshaley the loss of your husband.
but i hope i will not cores ofence by saying while wishing you had not had them i think they have made you a wunderful writer.

loved the poetry but wished there had been more stories.
loved the day in tthe day of author but where is my nited chane maile vest?

give this book 5 stars.
would recomend it to anyone.


6 thoughts on “Free booters review.

  1. Thanks so much Adam – I seem to be good at writing books that aren’t for everyone, so it’s very good of you to give these words of encouragement. πŸ˜€
    There are lots more stories, but they weren’t as personal, or to the point of this book. I’ll probably be sharing them on the Sian Glirdan blog at some time in the future, but one at least of them may become a dark fantasy novella – I’m shifting genres with a a vengeance now! πŸ˜‰

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