dragon-and-thiefDragon and Thief by Timothy Zahn

Genre: Fantasy – Young Adult

Series: Dragonback #1

Publisher: Tor Books (October 25, 2016)

Author Information: Facebook

Length: 240 pages

My Rating: 3 stars

Dragon and Thief is a short, scifi story based upon a really cool idea (If you – like me – think sentient, symbiotic aliens who live on your skin as tattoos, talk to you, and can turn into warrior-poet dragons is cool.), and I can see middle grade readers (the intended audience) really enjoying it.  I even believe others (who might only know Timothy Zahn from his Star Wars Expanded Universe novels) will find this straightforward tale an entertaining adventure worth their time.

The fun begins when Draycos, the aforementioned K’da symbiote, survives the destruction of the starship he is traveling on and is forced to find a new host within six hours.  This causes our alien to join…

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