Thursday – A Little Personal – Versatile Blogger Award from Steve Boseley

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Versatile Blogger

I was very pleased to receive a nomination from Steve Boseley for a Versatile Blogger Award. Although I don’t normally do awards, I was touched by the fact that Steve considered me for the award. You see, Steve is a very accomplished blogger and his place makes mine look like a cardboard box under a freeway overpass. He is worth a visit, and the link is right HERE.   I want to thank Steve for the nomination.

Here are the rules for the award:

Display Award – Done
Thank blogger(s) who nominated you & provide a link to their blog – Done
Write 7 things about yourself – See below
Nominate Bloggers – See below

Seven Things About Myself

1 I write every day of the week

2 I watch TV one hour every evening

3 My favorite show is The Blacklist

4 My taste in music runs from classical to…

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