Welcome to Tia Shurina!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

eaaheToday it’s my pleasure and privilege to host author, and RRBC Member, Tia Shurina! Without further ado – over to you Tia… 😀

Thank you Jan for your generosity of spirit…& space!  And my thanks to the team at the Rave Reviews Book Club who coordinated this tour for me.  Funny, I didn’t even know what a blog was when I began the journey to birth a book. And now, how beautiful to be participating in one.

I’ve had such serendipitous surprises as I have stayed committed to going with the flow… kicking & screaming a bit as I flowed along that path to becoming a published author.  This book club is one of them.  Given some of the sensitivities surrounding the spectacular-ness of my ordinary story, I was very afraid of the publicity I knew would eventually be needed to sell it…just like any author needs.  Nobody can buy a…

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