“Befouled” by Siân Glírdan


I give this book 5 out 5 stars. Or as I preefer 10 out of 10.

Wow where to begin?
This amazing story explores the question how were the elves turns into irks?
This author not only writs a story that could been writen by Tolkin but handles with extreme sense tribute subgect a like kidnap, subdues toon, and rape. I do not say this about mowst books but this one really was hard to put down. Would recommend this book to ain’t one over 18.

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4 thoughts on ““Befouled” by Siân Glírdan

  1. Not sure yet – I have written her in Tolkien lore-based roleplay games, but it’s probably wound too much into the mainstream Arda universe playing with well-known pre-existing canon characters to be published.
    Am concentrating on writing an original fantasy series for now, but I may well return to Eiralann in a few years time as she has a lot of mileage in her redemption/revenge existence! 🙂

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