Tattoos dragon.

started my new book. for now calling it Tattood Dragon. working tightel.

Was going to make it a full on erotica but will probley going to tame it down. I often feal that nowmater how good the sex is handaled it gets in the way of the storey. Althou at the mowment i feal that sex is a croocial part of the dark rituales that are part of the magic used by the suposed pirets. so we have to see?
what are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Tattoos dragon.

  1. I would always go with my gut where ‘real’ sex is concerned, Adam. Especially if the main thrust of the plot and character motivation is relying on the passion and/or perversion. If you’re writing about adult themes, then shying away from full-on sex in the content always feel like a cop-out. Provided that it’s not gratuitous (or repetitious) and helps the story or character development along, then go to it, young man! šŸ˜‰
    Plus sex DOES sell – I put Befouled in a fantasy erotica category on Amazon and it’s doing quite well in there! šŸ˜€

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    • Yes but unles I misread it your book felt with the subgect in the way I want to. I hope you do not think I trying to coppy your work?
      I have had this ideas for some time your book is better than Ainu thing I could do. Thanks very very much for all help.

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    • Adam – please don’t think I was saying you were copying me (((hugz you))) Nothing of the sort – there are no dragons in Befouled for starters! šŸ™‚
      I was just outlining my own approach, which is not original to me in any way, as there are many authors out there who can write plausible and graphic sexual encounters without overdoing things because it’s all justified in the plot or scenario. You stick to your guns and write everything you believe will support the story as authentically as you can.
      So long as you’re NOT pitching the book to under-18s then there’s no need to stifle powerful sexual content, so long as you make it clear to your readers that the book contains ‘strong/powerful adult themes including sex, violence etc’ so the less robust can give it a miss if they don’t like that sort of thing!

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