I give this book 4 out 5 stars.
I have to confess that I put of reading this book because I thought it would be boring. Boy was I wrong. This book is not onley entertains but is ful of useful advice on how to raise daughters. I would recommend this book to ain’t one but espeshaly mothers to be.

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“Raven’s Peak (World on Fire Book 1)” by Lincoln Cole

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

In some ways I feal that the bit at the begging with Arther was the best part of the book.
There are mainly questions raised that to hope will be answers in the other books.

I liked Gaby a lot. The children possessed was very disterbing. Although I thought the charictor that developed the mowst throughly the book was Frankin.

Who is the shadow strainger and what was it that they took?

I realy liked this book and am all ready reading the second one Ravens fall.
I would recommend this book to any one over 18.

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“Fantasy Firsts” by Wendy Scott

Where to start?
I have try bale #writing one #book let alone 3 trip ages but that is what this amazing #author has dun. I give this book 5 out 5 stars.

This book is in fact three books cowlectead into 1. Each one is the first in a #fantasy trillagey.

I loved all of them but at first I thought that feraicium would be my faveret and I still #love it but I now think that the #best one is tiger #house wow.

Feraiceum is set in an #ijiption like world. Calley learns that it does not matter that she comes from a high now blue famerley she has magic so she is condemned to die in the gladiatorial games.
Can she servive?
Can she do what the #cat #godeses want overthrow the press thud and reeturn them to her world?
And mowst important can she save her famerly?

I loved love stone. A relm where magic does not work and which hunters. But I am not shour how I deal about the end of this one. Sorry cannot say more spoilers.Tiger House is about a young lad captured from his #home world and forsed to take part in gladiatorial games. If he wins tiger house the empers hip he gets to go home with his wate in hems. If he looses not onley will he die but so does his world.

#magic, strong women interest what is not to like?
I would #recomend this book to ain’t one over 18.
Cannot wate to #read the next books in these trills gies.


Weaving History into Contemporary Fiction—RRBC Tour Stop

Staci Troilo

RRBC Springtime Book and Blog Party Hi! Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club’sSpring Book & Block Party. (For all the stops and oodles of chances to win a myriad of prizes, check out all the RRBC posts throughout the month-long tour.)

This stop? Staci Troilo’s site currently hosted in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

Today I’m Giving Prizes to Two Lucky Winners:

First Prize: $15 Amazon Gift Card
Second Prize: Medici Protectorate SWAG Pack

Medici Protectorate SWAGSWAG Pack Contains: 1 Pen, 1 Magnet, 1 Bookmark, & 1 Sticky Note Pad

Prizes awarded to US commenters only.

Today I want to talk about weaving history into contemporary stories. I like a good historical tale every once in a while, but I tend to read contemporary fiction a lot more often. That doesn’t mean history has to be abandoned, though.

One of my favorite things to do is research. I used to love writing research papers in school. Sure, I…

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Siân Glírdan

Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club’s BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY 

atSiân Glírdan – The Way of the Bard, the main author blog of RRBC Member of the Year 2016, author Jan Hawke! (aka Siân Glírdan) –  😀
Location: N. Cornwall, UK
Today’s giveaways are…

  • *One (1) promotional Guest spot on Siân Glírdan – The Way of the Bard (‘Desert Island’ interview or other feature)
  • *One (1) hand-made deck of Jan’s fantasy tarot cards (the Fool, or Trickster is on the wallpaper this month!)
  • *One (1) $/£ 10 AMAZON gift card

making 3 lucky winners for this stop!

Just post a comment on the 14th April to be in the draw to win – good luck!

Slight change of plan with my second giveaway – I dropped the T-Shirt in favour of my exclusively designed fantasy tarot deck as this formed the basis of the cover design…

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