i want to promot creative people

help charities
help my brother tohave his books read all over the world
and get paidd juwst a little for this would be nice
but do not ask how i do this do not have a cloo this site is dedicated to promoting nakerws artists authors and anyone that makes things it will also fetur the arts of the natural world


8 tips for writing a killer author bio (even if you haven’t published anything yet)

Couple of years ago, a good friend of mine, an artist, came with a request to help her write a resume for an upcoming exhibition she wanted to apply for. Now, writing a resume is not such a big deal, but when you have somebody at the beginning of their artistic career (with only 1 […]


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I want to promote authors I want to help people into work I want people to see my own books I want people to see my art work I want to help make the natural world better I want to stop people from being hurt or start I want to help my brother at his books promoted I want him to be ready every household in the world I want to make money for my blog I don’t can’t think of any suggestions any suggestions on how I can do any of these would be gratefully I will be very grateful for


Aurthers promo page

these days is not enough just to be an offer you have to probably she self not to promote and that’s props the hardest part this is the link to the company who created my marvellous orthopaedic promotion page if you need one I suggest this is where you go if not then just ignore good luck with all your writing

this is the link to the people hho made mypromo page