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pt to make money doing what i love

vut do not know wht to offer nd in the unlikely chance any onebits terfide of letting them downot very good at much even my writing art are not much

what you saying my strengths are what kind of job do you think it will be good at and even if you don’t know me that well what business are you assistance would you pay me for him to pay me it’s fine voluntarily I don’t expect to get paid because like I said I’m terrified of letting people down but it really


first novel.

please go to this link and look at the snuffle it’s really good although I am biased since it is it is Mike Brown mind brothers first novel but it is really good and there it just shows what a blind person can achieve its really good he has written other books has written to poetry books voice of nature and dreaming is also wrote a collection of short stories call doesn’t burst but this is his first novel is part of the series that some great reviews on their journey sorry dictate doesn’t always say what I wanted to say the collection is called death and rebirth there are only three reviews on awakening will be lovely got some more but obviously we need to buy it at first although if anyone is willing to review it please contact me on this blog and I’ll see what see what I can do about getting your copy if not please buy because he’s really struggling and one of the ambitions of this blog is set to get the middle of the world



i want to promot creative people

help charities
help my brother tohave his books read all over the world
and get paidd juwst a little for this would be nice
but do not ask how i do this do not have a cloo this site is dedicated to promoting nakerws artists authors and anyone that makes things it will also fetur the arts of the natural world


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I want to promote authors I want to help people into work I want people to see my own books I want people to see my art work I want to help make the natural world better I want to stop people from being hurt or start I want to help my brother at his books promoted I want him to be ready every household in the world I want to make money for my blog I don’t can’t think of any suggestions any suggestions on how I can do any of these would be gratefully I will be very grateful for


what am I proudof

I am proud that I have kept on sketching I did some on Saturday and didn’t come out well and I nearly gave up but I tried again on Monday and they came out a lot better I do this by pressing really hard on the paper with a pen/pencil and then feeling on the other hand the indentations left there so that I can join at the lines then identical origin hoping to produce a colouring in book from this that the good enough and adult colouring bookk

I am proud about the poetry book me and my brother produced was bound fantasy poems this was the first boat people cry the first book I ever produced I co-produced with Kristian my brother a twin publishing is really really important so I’m I’m proud of that it’s one of my little babies I’m proud of all my books.


llo I am

hello for those who do not know me my name is adam boustead
i am blind
i have a identical twin christian

my other brother daniel

both me of us are writers
i have recentaly restarted my art

you mite be wundering why i have writen this because of this chalinge

look up their home page their reverlution they are amazing and world changing