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I want to promote authors I want to help people into work I want people to see my own books I want people to see my art work I want to help make the natural world better I want to stop people from being hurt or start I want to help my brother at his books promoted I want him to be ready every household in the world I want to make money for my blog I don’t can’t think of any suggestions any suggestions on how I can do any of these would be gratefully I will be very grateful for


llo I am

hello for those who do not know me my name is adam boustead
i am blind
i have a identical twin christian

my other brother daniel

both me of us are writers
i have recentaly restarted my art

you mite be wundering why i have writen this because of this chalinge http://liveyourlegend.net/start-a-blog-challenge-2015/

look up their home page their reverlution they are amazing and world changing