Payitforward Tuesday

pay it forward tusday. i know I know what you’re thinking but that’s what this week is called first week of every month is wonderful people at Riverview’s book club promote to authors one on the Monday and one on the Friday members of the group this is the link to today’s one please have a look and share it thank you.


They help me write.

These marvelled writers not onley help me write but:

Inspire new worke.

Keep me writing.

Keep me from hanging my writing self.

Mowst important of all they are amungst some of my best friends.
Sera sly if you are a writter you should think about getting in with one of these.if you are shy or disabled try an online one.or get in tch with us mad lot. But you have bring lots and lots of pet cakes stuffed with goodies.

You do not have to be mad but it helps.