Who is your favorite Magick-Weilding Character of all time?!

From expelliarmus-weilding wizards like Harry Potter  to incredible mind-reading vampires like Akasha and Marius—there are A LOT of fictional characters and creatures who are magickal in one way or another. Who is your favorite? And better yet, who would you pick to save you from a pack of hungry, rabid wolves or some other sort […]



A Body in the Belfry Now Available in Print from Amazon

The long wait is over. Print copies of A Body in the Belfry are now available. The digital version is in pre-order from all the major dealers for release December 1. View on Amazon Now I’m in the crucial (and dreaded) promotion/marketing phase. Thanks to my launch team and all my supportive fans for sharing […]



Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

I’m at a 5k race, supporting a friend.  I see a shirtless dude trailing in the back, out of shape and in over his head.  Thinking quickly, I toss him my eReader, open to Echo.  A blinding flash as he’s infused with the ideas of quantum tech, Zen themes, and cyber ninjas.  When I can […]