Anthology Love

I’ve been wanting to touch on submitting to anthologies, because I have done it enough times. Leave it to me to be the writer who gets featured in an anthology when she stops trying. haha I’d been holding off on writing this post because I wanted to wait until I had actually made my way […]


The Paintings of Naoto Hattori

Originally posted on Loud Alien Noize:The Eye’s Mind I came across Naoto Hattori’s work in Juxtapoz magazine back in the 90’s, and have periodically checked up on his latest creations ever since.He makes swirling amalgams of humans, animals, aliens, dolls, plants…intertwining like a grand mad scientist DNA experiment. Naoto Hattori was born in 1975…


If You Haven’t Visited These 2 Pages, Then You Are Missing an Incredible Opportunity!!

About a week or so ago two blogs joined forces on a mission to help other bloggers gain more exposure: Michael’s Origins and Most Blogging.  The idea as I understand it is to share other’s articles on Reddit and Stumbleupon as a way of gaining more views and followers. I have no experience with either […]


Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

I’m at a 5k race, supporting a friend.  I see a shirtless dude trailing in the back, out of shape and in over his head.  Thinking quickly, I toss him my eReader, open to Echo.  A blinding flash as he’s infused with the ideas of quantum tech, Zen themes, and cyber ninjas.  When I can […]


what am I proudof

I am proud that I have kept on sketching I did some on Saturday and didn’t come out well and I nearly gave up but I tried again on Monday and they came out a lot better I do this by pressing really hard on the paper with a pen/pencil and then feeling on the other hand the indentations left there so that I can join at the lines then identical origin hoping to produce a colouring in book from this that the good enough and adult colouring bookk

I am proud about the poetry book me and my brother produced was bound fantasy poems this was the first boat people cry the first book I ever produced I co-produced with Kristian my brother a twin publishing is really really important so I’m I’m proud of that it’s one of my little babies I’m proud of all my books.


Aurthers promo page

these days is not enough just to be an offer you have to probably she self not to promote and that’s props the hardest part this is the link to the company who created my marvellous orthopaedic promotion page if you need one I suggest this is where you go if not then just ignore good luck with all your writing

this is the link to the people hho made mypromo page